Banaras Food - बाटी (लिट्टी) - चोखा Preparation | लौंगलता | पहलवान लस्सी

2018 was a magnificent year and we ended the year with the trip of a lifetime. Banaras is the place to be whether you are interested in shopping, sightseeing, religious activities, or eating.

We began our journey at the Baati Chokha Restaurant for a traditional Banarasi meal. The litti or baati, as it's popularly known in Banaras, is slow-cooked over upple or cow dung cakes. Weirdly enough the cow dung cakes are what give everything that is served in the restaurant, a unique flavour. Even the Dal that is served along with the Baati or some rice, is cooked on a slow heat in earthenware pots over cow dung cakes. The food is super flavourful and wholesome. The ambience of the restaurant gives you the feeling of sitting in a slightly modernized village and goes perfectly well with the kind of food they serve.

Next stop- Chachi ki Dukaan. This place is known for the quintessential tea snacks, samosa, and kachori. They serve Khasta Kachori with some chana and chutneys on top and for the sweet lovers, they give a khoya stuffed kachori that is dipped in a whole lot of sugar syrup, known launglata/lavanglata.

If ever you're in Banaras, this is one place that each and every local suggests to try out Pehalwan Lassi. There are at least 4-5 Pehalwan Lassi walas situated together, but luckily for us, they're all owned by the same family so no copyright issues here. The Lassi is sweet, thick, and creamy, and obviously, it is topped with some cream and rabri. This is a must-have!

At the end of the day, in a city like Banaras, there is nothing better to do than to visit the Varanasi Ghat and just enjoy the view. The Ghat is a haven for all religious practices as well small-time businesses, and also it is one of the most beautiful places especially at night. So just go and relax, and take in all the beauty and spirituality of the Ganga in Banaras.

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1. Baati Chokha Restaurant

Address -

Aanand Mandir Cinema Hall, Raja Bazar Rd, Andhrapull, Teliyabag, Varanasi

2. Chachi Ki Dukan

Address -

Opp. Ravidas Gate, Varanasi

3. Pehalwan Lassi

Address -

Opp. Ravidas Gate, Varanasi

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