Best AMRITSARI KULCHA in Gurgaon I Eating Punjabi SPL dishes & Shopping Badam Modak with @magicpin

We all look forward to discounts during any kind of purchase so when India's no.1 Savings App Magicpin approached us to try their platform for a wide range of expenditures, we decided to give it a try. No points for guessing that we opted for food related expenditure to test their claims.

Since this collaboration came in the midst of our future food tour planning with the dynamic travel vlogger Khusboo Barry from Gurugram, we decided to embark on a mini food exploration with her in Gurugram to see how much do we save by ordering or paying through Magicpin.

For this we went to two of Khushboo's favourite spots in the city. One was Bikanerwala in sector 54 and the other was Kulcha Kulture in Sector 14, Huda Market. In the first spot we polished off some rajma chawal and chole bhature and also purchased some badam modak for home through Magicpin. We got a discount of 20 percent on the total bill in the form of Magic Points. Moreover, the payment procedure through the app was so easy and quick.

Next we went to Kulcha Kulture for their much appreciated Amritsari Kulcha platter. From their eclectic menu we chose the Kandhari and the classic aloo pyaaz Kulcha options. Both of them were unbelievably good. And the best part was by paying for it through Magicpin we got a discount of 29 percent on the total bill amount in the form of Magic Points.

With all those savings we had a good time exploring some delicious flavours from Gurugram.

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