BEST EVER Goa Street FOOD Tour l Huge Breakfast & Fish THALI + Jila Bakery - Melting Moments + Cabo

In today's episode, Anubhav is joining Ruturaj and Sneha, a budding food blogger couple from Goa, for an amusing food tour in and around Panaji. Together they are exploring some iconic eateries across this stretch that has a strong local fan base. Let's take you through the details of this super fun gluttonous journey.

The first stop was Cafe Bhonsle near the National Theatre. The no frills eatery was bustling with both frequently and new visitors. We tried the usual breakfast dishes like mix bhaji, tamat bhaji, mushroom bhaji, alsana mix bhaji, bun, undho and mirchi. The food was simple yet flavourful.

While heading to our next destination Ruturaj showed us a nondescript liquor shop with a missing signboard and Anubhav was instantly intrigued by its presence. As they went in to discover more about the place, they were surprised to learn how old it was. Dilip ji the owner led them to the olden bar area at the backside. Here they tried the cabo which is a coconut flavoured white rum.

Next they went to Jila Bakers and Confectioners, a reputed family run bakery, to try their hot spelling bakery items like melting moments, eclairs and geneva pastry. Here they met the founder's grandson Ravindra who shared some anecdotes about the place. After the pleasant chat they got their orders and sat down under a tree inside the campus to taste the same. With a luscious milk cream filling, the eclairs were truly divine. Melting moments were a cross between biscuits and macaroons and the Geneva pastry was a surprise treat of flaky pie base with a nutty cashew and coconut topping. This place is a must try if you love bakery stuff. Everything is prepared by the family in the age old traditional fashion.

Before heading to the next destination Anubhav badly wanted to have some tea but to his surprise Ruturaj took him to Chirag Bar for a glass of chilled beer as Goan mostly prefers it to tea.

Next they went to Ritz Classic in Patto to savour their popular fish thali. The elaborate thali had some quintessential konkani dishes like crab masala, prawn curry, fish xacuti, king fish fry, shevyo etc. The flavours were very distinct and amazing. We also tried goan chilli prawn and shark ambotik.

After that delicious meal they headed to Joseph bar in Fontainhas. En route they stopped by a podder to see what stuff he was selling. The fresh bread, especially the buns, reminded Anubhav of chai and this time he pleaded with Ruturaj to get him a cup.

Instead Ruturaj took him to Joseph bar reiterating the fact that Goans prefer chilled beer to tea. The best part was that the quaint ambience and the exquisite vibe of the bar erased even slightest disappointment in Anubhav regarding the non availability of chai.

Enjoy the journey.

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