BEST Ramzan STREET Food Tour in HYDERABAD - MUST EAT Stone grilled Pathar ka GOSHT (Mutton)

Often referred to as the City of Pearls, Hyderabad is famous for its rich cultural heritage that coexists amidst a flourishing modern lifestyle. The vibrant local food scene in the city has been luring food enthusiasts from all parts of the country. So in this fresh gastronomic journey, we are at Hyderabad to sample the delectable and myriad fare that’s available on the lanes which are always bustling with food lovers. We are happy to make it during Ramzan as we got the opportunity to explore the slice of the culture and connections through some of the festive foods. It was a pleasure to have the graceful Sankalp Vishnu, a food critic, and a food expert, as our host who enthusiastically walked us through the culinary tradition of the Old city. We have been truly enriched by his cooperation.

The first thing we tried was a common snack called the Patti Samosa. These small crisp patties were filled with a tasty onion and corn mixture. The name is derived from the long rectangular strips of pastry sheets that are used for making these samosas.

Next went to a joint selling Sevain, that’s thin vermicelli clustered into a spherical mass. They are mostly used for making sweet delicacies with milk, like the Sheer Khurma, etc., and are a staple during Ramzan. They came in different varieties like plain, roasted, sweetened, and salty.

While exploring the street adjacent to the Charminar we stopped by a vendor selling one of the popular sweetmeats, the Coconut Sweet, that’s commonly available all across the old city. This interesting thing was soft coconut burfi that had to be eaten along with pieces of fresh coconut. We simply loved the taste and texture of the whole combination.

The next thing Sankalp made us try was the crunchy slices of partially ripened Malgova Mangoes that had their skin intact. The sweetness of the fruit and the earthy saltiness of rock salt sprinkled on top made a playful summertime treat.

Then we went ahead to try the Hyderabad famous Pathar ke Gosht at the popular Al Farooj Sonu Kebabs. The stone-grilled marinated mutton pieces were tender, delicious, and distinctly flavourful. We also tried their Chicken Majestic which was unique cumin, red chillies, turmeric, and curd-based dish. The final thing we tried at this place was the super yummy and crunchy Sevain Chicken. This deep-fried snack was crisp on the outside and soft inside.

From there we went on to try Marag, a Hyderabad special rich, creamy, smooth, greasy, and delectable mutton broth.

While ambling down the lanes across the Charminar we came across a cycle-borne vendor selling egg, chicken, and onion samosas. The boiled egg ones were really unique and mooriesh. We tried it for the first time and loved it.

The next destination was Nimrah café and bakery, the most iconic joints near the Charminar. It's Irani Chai and the yummy assortment of biscuits especially the Moon and Osmania biscuits were worth the reputation. We also loved the Ramzan special Jahangir which resembled the Gulab Jamun in taste though it was much drier.

We then grabbed a Paan and went ahead to try the Falooda and Lassi at the very popular Matwala Doodh Wala. Both of them were luscious and refreshing.

The next place was hotel Nayaab, a famous nonveg joint. There we tried the Dum ka keema, Malai paya and Mutton Dalcha. All the dishes were super delicious. We also got the opportunity to get inside the kitchen and oversee the preparations.

With dinner done right, it was time for desserts. So Sankalp took us to the Hameedi confectioners to relish the most unique and indulgent Jouzi halwa that has a very interesting history behind it. The coin-shaped almond and cashew burfis were also good.

This gluttonous and brilliant journey across the old city of Hyderabad ended on an ice cream note. The soul-satisfying Muti Flavour ice creams were natural and hand churned.

We sincerely thank our genial host Sankalp for this insightful, enthusiastic, and scrumptious food tour.

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