Best Rasmalai & Dehati Murga + Ultimate Home Cooked Bihari Meal in Coal Capital of India

Today's episode marks the end of our successful Jharkhand food series. It features another fun food tour from the city of Dhanbad along with your gracious host Ashwini and her siblings Rahul and Aditi. All three of them are huge food enthusiasts and Ashwini and are absolutely well versed with the street food scenario over here. That day, along with a brief street food tour we also had a home-cooked meal experience planned at her home. So it was truly an amazing experience to get to explore street foods along with a traditional meal.

We started the day with Punjab Sweet House whose Rasmalai is legendary. The very first morsel of this creamy, luscious, and delicate dessert transported us to a blissful state. It was so delicious that we polished off two servings in no time. As you take a bite you feel the soft and syrupy mass of cottage cheese followed by smooth and creamy optimally sweet thickened milk. The owner here is a genial fellow who enthusiastically introduced us to the legacy and the offerings of his shop. We also tried some gajar ka halwa and sattu kachori. These two things were equally good but their rasmalai is indeed one of the best in the country.

Soon after we accompanied Rahul to his home where a traditional Jharkhandi meal was awaiting us. There we met Ashwini and Aditi. After gulping down a fragrant and soothing rose tea we went to the kitchen where Ashwini showed us how to make matar ka nimona which is a very popular green peas side dish from UP and Jharkhand. Aditi showed us how to make doodh pitha a rice flour-based sweet. Soon we joined the family for an elaborate routine meal. Apart from the above two dishes, there were some fries, salad, potato mash, and a dessert called rasiya.

A while after the luncheon, we left for a brief evening food tour with Ashwini and Rahul. First, we visited Kwality Hotel to savor their dehati chicken curry. The rich and spicy country chicken curry was truly divine as the indigenous chicken made all the difference to the taste.

After that scrumptious dish, we headed to Panditji chai ki dukaan for an invigorating cuppa. The strongly brewed tea was really very good.

Finally, we wrapped up the tour on a sweet note. The place was Rajasthani Special Jalebi stall where you get plain jalebis garnished with desiccated coconut. It was much sweeter but the coconut added a different flavor and texture to it.

Our last food tour here in Jharkhand ended on a pleasant note.

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