Bhopal Veg Food Tour - MUST EAT Dal Bafla + KESAR Jalebi + Bhopali Paan

This week we bring you delightful culinary explorations from the bustling capital city of Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal. Also known as the city of lakes this place is renowned for its beautiful lakes, architecture, lovely people, and great food. It is undoubtedly the treasure trove for street food lovers who love snacks. Located in the malwa plateau, the food is greatly influenced by Rajasthan on the account of a similar geographical region. We are here to explore the popular street food of the city that thrives on tea, poha jalebi, and group conversations.

For the first half of the tour, we have explored the food scene on our own while for the other half we were joined by our sprightly host Aditya Kulshrestaha who is a radio jockey with a popular radio station and a resident of this place. He was super excited to take us around some of the popular eateries at 6 No Hawkers’ Corner in the city.

So our first stop for the day was Raju Tea stall the iconic snacks and tea point whose reputation is phenomenal. Here we tried two of their hot selling items i.e. the tea and the mangodi or the moong dal fritters. The tea -milky, perfectly brewed, and optimally sweet-was just outstanding. The fresh, hot, and crisp Mangodas were quite flavourful and they made a pair with the most endeared beverage.

Next, we went to Kalyan Singh Swad Bhandar to eat the most popular breakfast dish of Bhopal, the Poha and Jalebi. It’s so ubiquitous that it has become the representative delicacy of this city. The soft, fluffy, and mildly spiced Pohas are effortlessly contrasted by the crisp and syrupy Jalebis. This humble dish that rules the heart of the locals from all walks of life is a must-try.

After this, we went to Sharma Chaat Shop for some delicious chaats. We loved their Dahi Phulki and Chole Tikiya, which were prepared using in-house ingredients like green and sweet chutney, fresh curd, masalas. No wonder it enhanced the yumminess of these fun treats.

Next while ambling down the streets we came across a cart selling Charoli and Khirni. These two wild berries consumed locally, are available for only a short span during summertime. They are found in the central part of India.

From there we went to Ma Narmada Falhari Shop, a popular stop for the locals for Sabudana or Sago-based delicacies. Its Dahi Khichdi and Sabudana Vada were quite impressive as a snacking option.

Then we went to the famous sweetmeat shop named Burfi House to try their Rabri, Badam cake, and Kheer Puri. The sweets were fresh and toothsome.

The next stop was the New Gujarat Cold Drinks. Here we tried the Badam(Almond) and Mango shakes which were refreshingly luscious. Our favourite was the thick and fresh mango shake.

Next was the turn of the quintessential Bhopali Paan from the famous Paan shop Zaika Paan. It was a perfect treat that prepared our palette for more food.

After the Paan treat we reached the 6 no Hawkers’ Corner where we were joined by our host RJ Aditya who walked us around and helped us savour some scrumptious local flavours. Here we tasted the iconic Dal Bafla, Jalebi and Mangodi, and Mava Bati. Of all these, the Dal Bafla was the best. It is a delectable and nutritious traditional delicacy from Malwa.

Our penultimate stop was Sagar Gaire a name that is familiar to all. Its Veg Biryani was flavoursome and appetizing. This fast-growing fast-food chain in Bhopal has an interesting success story.

We ended our veg food trail with a special tandoori chai topped with chocolate sauce. The experience was quite amazing and it left our taste buds craving for more. We thank our genial host Aditya for his support and enthusiasm.

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