BISTUPUR JSR FOOD Tour, P-2 I Darbari Kebab + Chicken Roll + Shahi Tukda + Chocolate Softy

Continuing with our food explorations in Bistupur, in today's episode, we are exploring a few more eateries in the locality that have made a name for themselves.

The first stop for this part of Bistupur Food Tour was Anand Hotel. Although it is a multicuisine restaurant, it is renowned for its South Indian food. Everything from dosas, idlis, upma, etc is hugely popular. People drop in regularly with their friends and families to relish these things prepared by cooks from Jharkhand. We tried their aloo bonda, vada, and butter dosa which were accompanied by yummy sambar and chutney. They were indeed very soul-satisfying.

The following stop was Tandoori Hut, a four-year-old eatery serving some amazing veg and nonveg rolls, kebabs, and tandoori items. At Chirag's recommendations, we tried the Chicken Roll which is so well stuffed with chicken that in every bite you will get a piece. And we must agree that the claim turned out to be true.

The next stop was Softy Corner that is nestled at a petrol pump. This quaint and cheerful place pervaded with the enticing smell of chocolate and other sweet treats is a hit with the kids and young crowd. We too felt like a kid in the candy shop. Our pick was the chocolate softy. The sweet crunch coating over a brilliant soft serve ice cream was so much fun to munch on. The interplay of textures was a great source of joy.

After this, we reached Milanee's kitchen, a community-run Bengali kitchen, and a sweet corner. But since the meal service was closed, we settled for a pretty small pot of misti doi. It is a quintessential sweet yogurt from Bengal. This one was quite good.

We finished the tour with a sweet paan from Sambhu Paan Corner. Then we headed back to Sakchi to check out one restaurant that was left out in the previous exploration. It is the Mughlai specialty restaurant Delhi Darbar. Here we tried quite a few dishes like their signature Darbari Kebab, Chaap, Awadhi Roti, and a range of desserts like firni, kheer, shahi tukda, and bread chocolate pudding. The food was phenomenal.

With this, our Bistupur Food Tour came to an end.

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