BLACK CHICKEN CURRY aka Kadaknath Murga

In today's episode we are visiting Dantewada to relish the premium quality meat of Kadaknath chicken or black chicken. In this quest we are being joined by Luzina Khan who is a solo traveler. Compared to the regular breed, Kadaknath chicken is prized for its super nutritious meat. Henceforth its price is much higher than the regular poultry. Dantewada region is witnessing a rapid growth in Kadaknath farms as it is proving to be a lucrative livelihood option.

En route to Dantewada we stopped at Tokapal haat to immerse in the local culture and lifestyle and to buy some essential ingredients required for the black chicken curry. The rustic vibe of the place was completely different to what we city dwellers are used to. The village haat is a one stop place all daily need items. While exploring it we got to know about the local veggies, the abundant tamarind produce that the place is known for and some local alcoholic drinks.

From there we went to a Kadaknath farm in Hiranagar. After touring the farm we spoke to the proprietor about the nuances of the business and the breed. Finally we purchased some black chicken meat and eggs and headed to a nearby dhaba to cook it as there was no provision for the same in the farm itself.

The cooks at Aamcho Bastar Dhaba presented us a quintessential dhaba style rich and spicy Kadaknath chicken curry and Kadaknath anda bhurji. The chicken curry had a gamey flavour and the egg were much more intense than the regular poultry eggs. The meat was tender and lean. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

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