CLASSIC Siliguri Street Food Tour, Part 2/3

Siliguri is dotted with numerous old and busy eateries that can be explored for breakfast or brunch options. In today's episode we along with our gracious host Prerna from Our Guest tour company have embarked on a gleeful brunch tour across the city. The focus was on some old joints that have carved a special place in the hearts of the locals.

We started the tour with a simple yet irresistible plate of poori sabzi from Shiv Kumar Poori Sabzi in Bidhan Market. Because of its apt location, great taste and the jolly nature of the owner, this place attracts a huge crowd from all walks of life. Next we reached Calcutta Sweets on Khudiram Pally Road after ambling down the bustling vegetable market on the way. Here we polished off some radha ballabhi with aalu dum, mishti doi and chenar jilipi. The former is a thick black lentil stuffed puri that has a deeply satisfying taste. From there we arrived at the Netaji Cabin which is a heritage place in the city's food scape. Dating back to the time of Independence struggle, it had hosted legends from various backgrounds like politics, arts, academics etc. They serve basic snacks like toast, omelette etc. and tea. We ordered a poached egg and some tea which is known for its strong taste.

After this simple snack we went to Amar Dhaba for some North Indian spread. The genial and warm owner recommended us to try their dal makhni and chicken tikka masala and both of them were quite good. But the best part of this visit was the stories that we got to hear from him. The final stop was a popular sweet shop named Arati sweets. They have a vast range of Bengali sweets that are loved for their quality and taste. We tried a few of them like baked rasogolla, rasmali and kheer doi of which the last one was mind blowing.

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