Darjeeling to Kurseong Food Trip

Today's episode captures some moments from our last morning in Darjeeling and our visit to the most breathtakingly beautiful tea lounge in this part. We started the day with a visit to the worship room at our homestay with our gracious host Ujjawal ji. He briefed us about the place and then lead us to the homestay to show some products made by the women members of their non profit organization. The handmade items mostly baby and grown up apparels and bedding items were very beautiful and had a feeling of warmth.

Next we joined Sandhya Ji in the kitchen who was preparing some super spicy instant noodles for a very interesting spicy noodles eating challenge between her and Anubhav. She is a budding mukbang video creator who showcases her pursuits through her YouTube channel. Anubhav was anxious to see the spice quotient in the noodles because he doesn't prefer spicy stuff but this time he decided to go ahead with it. Unlike other competitions, this didn't require them to finish it in haste. It's just that they have to fish their respective portions. While Sandhya finished it effortlessly Anubhav had a hard time finishing his part. All the while he drank water to ease his burning taste buds.

After a couple of hour we enjoyed a traditional meal with Ujjawal and left for Kurseong. The road was absolutely magical with breathtaking sceneries. Soon we reached Margaret's Deck which is a must visit place in this region. Designed like a deck of a ship this tea lounge offers a panoramic view of the beautiful rolling hills in the front. We enjoyed this surreal experience with some delicate muscatel and cookies. Do watch the video till the end to catch the story behind this stunning place. Finally we left for Kurseong after spending a relaxing time over there.

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