DHANBAD Food Tour I Pede Wali Chai & Nimki + Masala Muri + Litti Chokha + Meat Chawal + Chena Jalebi

In today’s episode, we are in the coal capital of India Dhanbad to explore the street food scenario out here with our gracious host Pallavi Choudhury. She is a social entrepreneur and lecturer and also an avid foodie who knows the best places in the city. Our focus was more on the old and iconic eateries that are frequented by a larger mass. Let me take you through the list

The first stop is Ram Charitra Singh Tea Stall near Dhanbad Railway station. It is one of the oldest stalls in the locality whose space was allotted by the king of Jharia. Here we tried the tandoori chai with namkeen and it was quite invigorating.

The second stop was Mani's Cafe near the Indian School Of Mines. This cheerful South Indian joint serves an eclectic menu. We tried their masala dosa and idli which is the top-selling thing. The dosa masala was spicy yet delicious.

The third stop was Radha Sweets in Saraidhela. It is an old sweet shop that stocks Bengali sweets. At Pallavi's recommendation, we tried the chhena jalebi, mitha samosa, and gur sandesh. With a delicate and luscious mouthfeel, the former one was the best in the lot.

The fourth stop was Bombay Sweets and Snacks in Saraidhela. This spacious and swanky shop has an eating space too. We went for their much-extolled raj kachori followed by amrit peda. The kachori was on a sweeter side but was quite refreshing and zesty.

The fifth stop was Gaya Singh Litti Dukan which is so legendary that the street over there is named after it. Their litti were truly amazing because of the softness and the well-balanced sattu stuffing.

The sixth stop was Tiwari Hotel which is known for its meals. We were there to try meat chawal which is different from other places because the meat is slow-cooked over wood-fired and the rice is the aromatic Gobindobhog variant.

The seventh stop was the Ganouri Tea stall in Bekar Bandh. It was recommended by one of the vendors. We tried the kulhad chai over here which had a nice aroma of burnt milk.

The eighth stop was Santosh Masala Muri Stall. With a special Muri masala from Kolkata, this snack was quite addictive.

The eighth stop was Rajkumar Ber wala where we tried ripened ber with a powdered condiment made of the same.

The ninth stop was Frankie. We tried their Frankie roll with potato patty stuffing. It was a little tart and not that impressive.

The tenth stop was a gupchup stall in Bank more where we had a potato and black chickpea stuffed gupchup and it was super tasty.

The last stop was Snacks bar where we tried a soft and delicate gulab jamun. And the best thing was that it was optimally sweet.

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