DWARKA ( Ramphal Chowk ) Food Walk l UNIQUE Pizza Omelette + Chicken Khurana + Chk Butter Malai Momo

In today's food exploration episode Anubhav is out on an amusing gastronomic journey across the bustling neighbourhood of Ramphal Chowk in Dwarka. Being the seat to a busy market and residential space, this area is full of different eateries both big and small.

He started the tour from La Kababiya, a nicely done restaurant that specialises in North Indian and Lebanese cuisines. His picks from the menu were chicken malai tikka, mutton seekh kebab, chicken khurana, butter chicken and lacha paratha. The highlights of this eating experience were watching Govind ji in action and trying their phenomenal butter chicken.

The second destination was a humble moth chaat seller near the above restaurant. Yogesh ji has been serving this healthy boiled lentil salad for the past 15 years. Apart from the zesty taste it is a fun thing to watch it being prepared.

Next he spotted a sweet potato vendor and stopped by to enjoy this refreshing winter time special snack whose key elements like sand roasted sweet potatoes and star fruit.

This was followed by some ginger tea from a non descript stall run by an old couple.

After a brief chat Anubhav reached a very happening fast food eatery named KC restaurant. They special in some popular Indo Chinese dishes like momo and noodle. To check out their kitchen, we went to their base kitchen located in the vicinity. It was a place of some real frenzy actions. We were fascinated by the huge momo trays stacked over each other. Here we got to try the chicken malai momo and pan fried veg momo. Both the contrasting dishes were quite amazing.

Next was the turn to try the stunning pizza omelette from the celebrated stall run by Sanjeev ji. He was the one who invented this loaded dish that has every rich stuff that you may think of. We enjoyed it because it was a riot of textures and flavours.

After that heavy treat he went to have some refreshing dahi bhalle from shahi dahi bhalle. In spite of the crazy reputation, it was a little disappointing.

The penultimate destination was Mewar Chana Soup stall. In spite of being full, Anubhav went ahead to try this winter special thing that is full of health.

Finally the tour ended with delightful special pan from Chaurasia Paan Stall.

For us the experience was quite gratifying and we hope you all too will enjoy it.

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