Faridabad P2 Veg Food Tour

In today's episode, we are exploring some more popular veg street food joints in Faridabad along with our host Vikas Ji. After hearing about the list from him we were excited for another vibrant gastronomic tour.

The first stop, Only Aalluu Pyaaz restaurant, is a place that focuses on just one particular dish called aalu pyaaz ki sabzi. This place belongs to our host Vikas Ji who is a great food enthusiast. It is their speciality that is loved by food enthusiasts from far and near. As the name suggests the dish is a rich, fiery red coloured whole onion and fried potato based gravy that is prepared with lots of ghee and spices. The sweetness of the onions and the sharpness of the huge array of spices gave it a rice and sharp taste.

After trying it we reached Balaji Chaat Corner to have Panchrangi golgappe. The highlight of this five different flavoured golgappe was the rose flavoured water that was prepare with rose water and rose syrup. The mildly sweet and refreshing taste will leave you amazed.

Next we tried Amritsari Nutri Kulcha The Second Wife Nutri Kulcha Stall. Nutri is soya nuggets based spicy curry. The texture and taste of the dish resembles a delectable keema curry.

After that we headed to Friends and Family Restaurant to try Malai chaap. The rich, buttery, smoky and creamy grilled soya chaap was a sheer delight.

This was followed by a traditional stick kulfi from Shyam Kulfi. It was a creamy and granular kulfi on a stick. Then also tried ice cream faluda from Khurana Happy cones which was a fusion of ice cream and Faluda kulfi. We ended this fun tour with a classic paan.

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