FASTEST Jagdalpur Street FOOD Tour

Today's episode brings you an immersive morning to evening food tour from Jagdalpur in Chhattisgarh. In this quest we are being joined by two of our hosts, Jeet who is the founder of Unexplored Bastar and Mohit Bhanj Deo who is a chef and restaurant consultant. This exploration is divided into breakfast and evening food tour.

The first stop of the breakfast tour was Shri Balaji Dosa Center. Here we tried the set dosa which was a fluffy rice and poha based dosa. The second stop was Shri Mahavir Paratha Center. Their sattu paratha and chole combo was quite tasty. The third place was Bajrang Chole Center where we got to try the North Indian chole bhature. This too was hearty. After that we headed to Kerala bhawan which was our fourth stop. Here we tried the rawa cutting dosa with chutney and sambar. The onion tamarind chutney accompanying it was brilliant. Our fifth stop was Milan Sweets whose samosa is hugely famous because of their taste and price. Along with smaosa we also relished the anarkali and falhari jalebi. From there we went to our sixth stop which was Kanhaiya Bikaner Sweets. Our pick over here was a crisp and spicy Pyaz kachori. It was quite decent. The seventh place was Raj Sweets. Here we gobbled down an aalu gunda and some rabri. The penultimate and seventh stop was Bajrang Hotel where we tried some rasmalai. It was nice but too sweet for our palate. The last and eighth stop was Priyanka Paan Bhandar. This marked the end of the breakfast tour.

Coming to the evening one, the first stop was Mahender Chaur Bhaja. At Mohit's recommendation here we tried the chaur bhaja or rice cooked in chicken curry. It was hot, spicy, rustic and delicious. The second stop was Saha Sweets which is renowned for Bengali sweets. We loved their rasgulla, kalakand and rasmalai. The third stop was Anand Dhaba whose dal chakna or semi dry lentil dish was a revelation. From there we headed to our fourth destination that was Garh Kalewa. At this women centric food outlet that serves authentic Chhattisgarhi dishes, we tried some home style sweets and savoury snacks. Everything tasted fresh and delicious. The fifth stop was Joy Fried Chicken. Here we relished some chicken popcorn which that was crunchy on outside and tender inside. They were fun to munch on. The sixth stop was Gupta Ji Mungedi Center. Since it was a little late, all their fried snacks were over but we got to try one of the two samosa that were left. More than the tasty samosa it was the geniality of owner Sandeep that won our heart. The final destination was Balaji Kulfi where we indulged in a brilliant rabri faluda. Do watch till the end for all the drooling and fun details.

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