FOODS OF WASSEYPUR I Bhunja, Singhara, Pape, Fried burger, Dry fruit Mithai, Anarsa,Chai & lots more

In today's episode, we will be taking you on a fun food tour episode from the bustling neighborhood of Wasseypur in Dhanbad.

The place has had a notorious reputation for a very long time that has been brought to the forefront through various media reports and a popular Hindi movie.

So during our visit to Dhanbad, we were intrigued to explore the street food scenario over here through the eyes of the locals. The experience was quite contrary to what we had seen in the media.

We are joined by Shadan, Minhaz, and Istiyak, three dynamic young fellows from here who are deeply aware of the street food scenario over here. Let's take you through the places.

The first stop is a momo and burger stop at Ara More. Their burgers are a hot favorite with the young crowd. Our pick was the plain veg momo. It was a sweet, sour, and spicy shallow fried burger that had potato patty, chutney, and sauces inside it. It was a fun treat.

The second stop was Shankar Mishtan Bhandar, an old sweet shop that specializes in Bengali-style sweets. On the owner's recommendation, we tried the chhena payesh. It was creamy, luscious, and refreshing.

The third stop was Ritz Shalimar Sweets, another fifty-year-old snacks and sweet shop. After eyeing the freshly made nimkis kept at the entrance, we decided to try some dry fruits halwa as it looked very tempting. It was like a peda with lots of nuts.

The fourth stop was Patna Bakery, a newly opened bakery biscuit stop. Here we brought eight different kinds of bakery biscuits to be savored with tea.

The sixth stop was Narayan samosa wale, a legendary samosa joint in the locality. The place was buzzing with people waiting to get hold of the much-loved snacks. Their samosa had a touch of panch phoran and some basic spices and was quite good. The interesting part was the crushed ginger-garlic-green chilli that accompanied it.

The seventh stop was Sanjay Tea Shop. We got some basic milk tea to have with biscuits. The combination never disappoints.

The eighth stop was the Laalu bhunja stall. Here we tried some mixed bhunja which was a mildly spiced potpourri of puffed rice, flattened rice, corn chips, peanuts, onions, green chillies, etc.

The ninth stop was Subhash Tilkut Bhandar. Here we tried some crunchy freshly fried anarsa. It was a mildly sweet snack made of rice flour. Theirs one was spruced up with the addition of khoya.

The last stop was Kohinoor Darbar whose chicken biryani is much loved by the foodie community over here. The Kolkata style mildly spiced and super fragrant biryani was clearly the stunner.

We were so happily surprised to witness such a wonderful food scene over here. Evening time is for friendly meetings and gathering over all these fares.

All thanks to Shadan and his friends for showing us the pleasant side of this otherwise infamous locality.

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