FUNNIEST Bloopers & Behind the Scenes of BIHAR FOOD SERIES

Today's video marks the end of our scintillating Bihar Food Series, that you guys have thoroughly enjoyed and generously appreciated. Unlike the regular food exploration video, it is a humorous compilation of some of the behind the scenes actions from our Bihar Food Series shoot.

These amusing moments remind us of the fun times we had on this tour. The quest for quintessential Bihari flavours helped us garner some precious interpersonal moments with kind and genial individuals whom we have crossed paths with in the journey. We are forever going to cherish these cheerful moments of fun and laughter.

It will also give you a fair idea about the fact that shoots are not at all a smooth affair. They are loaded with slips, misses, errors, multiple retakes, distractions etc. But these are the moments that stay with us. Time to time they pop up in the memory canvas and bless us with an amusing flashback.

Furthermore we would like to take the opportunity to thank all hosts for their generous guidance and support. Heartfelt thanks to all the food vendors for continuing enthralling the masses with all their fares. Sincere regards and gratitude to the amazing womenfolk who fed us so many toothsome delicacies with such warmth, enthusiasm and care. Finally, deepest gratitude and love to all our viewers for making this series a hit. We are so glad that you could relate with our presentations. Thank you all. We are blessed. Will meet you soon with more gastronomic stories and detail. Till then keep walking and keep exploring.

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