Goa TAVERN Trail

Drinking is an integral part of the Goan lifestyle and be it the cities or villages, the locals take their drinking quite seriously. So in today's episode we are exploring some of the non descript drinking spots called taverns in the town of Cansaulim, which are places to have drinks and socialize. Special snacks and meals are also included in their humble menu.

The taverns began as places where workers would stopped for a quick shot of feni after a laborious day while heading back home. The locally brewed feni eased the stress in their minds and bodies. Eventually it has evolved into a place where people drop by to drink, play games and have a hearty chat. They have a convivial and easy going vibe.

To guide us on this trail we were joined by Maison from Soul Travelling, one of Goa's foremost tour companies. The journey started off with the visit to the famous Three Kings Chapel on the top of a hill. It is believed to be a haunted place. The stories behind its fame can be scary but the location is simply serene and breathtaking.

From there we went to our first stop, the Felix bar at Consua. The dimly lit place was buzzing with workers. Here we tried some chilled beer along with some feni.

The second stop was Sanlin Bar & Restaurant. This cheerful place was full of locals enjoying their drinks, carom sessions, football telecast and gossip. Here we tried the ginger infused feni.

The third stop was Vagabond Bar & Restaurant. It was a more swanky place compared to their non descript counterparts. Here we tried some Cabo which is white rum mixed with coconut liqueur. The taste was quite strong yet pleasant.

The fourth and final stop of this tour was Dilkhus Bar n Restaurant where we tried Dukhshiri, which is local plant root infused feni. It is named so because of it's calming property that eases muscle pains and aches.

After finishing with the trail we went to Loja De Carne Do Porco for a bite of choris pao. It is a spicy snack consisting of a soft pao stuffed with spicy Goan sausage. It serves as a perfect treat that compliments the drinks.

We are grateful to Maison and Soul Travelling for this amazing experience.

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