Goan Street Food - Ros Omelette + ULTIMATE Chicken Cafreal + Steak Pao + Fruit Ball

Next Ruturaj took us to Mr. J. Teixeira's Fast Food joint in Ribander, Patto for their chicken cafreal. Nestled in a church premises, this place is indeed a hidden gem. We were glad to meet Mr. Bernard , the kind and genial owner of this place. With great warmth he served us his celebrated cafreal with pao. The spicy, green coloured, classic Goan curry was a stunner. If you are in Goa for food then don't miss this gem.

After this overwhelming meal we went on to taste chicken steak pao from Costa Fast Food cart which is a kind of a heartthrob snack from this part. It is pao stuffed with a brilliantly crisp and tender pan fried chicken steak and salad. Just like all, we too loved it because it was tasty, fun, convenient and filling.

Although our stomach was bursting but we still made space for the stuff from our last stop and that was Bappa Juice Centre near Cine Alankar. Here we tried a refreshing tender coconut shake and fruit ball which was a dessert made of diced seasonal fruits topped with a slab of vanilla ice cream. With that, the gluttonous day came to an end.

We hope you enjoy the journey as much as we did bringing it to you.

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