Haryana DESI FOOD Tour | दूध, दही, मखन, घी का खाना । Lunch with a Farmer l Part 2

In today's episode we are continuing our journey in the village of Singhana with our host Narender. Cattle are a significant part of the village's culture. And in Haryana the buffalo is the most significant cattle whose milk is like the lifeline for the people.

So we began the morning by visiting the buffalo shed. Here we picked up some basics about cattle like it's breed, fodder and milk output. It was indeed fascinating to know that due to it's high milk content Buffalo milk is more preferred in Haryana.

Since milk is an abundant commodity over here, it is also a means of livelihood for most of the families. After keeping aside a portion for their own consumption, the villagers sell the excess milk at the local dairy. From here the milk is mostly distributed to big corporations manufacturing milk products for general consumption.

Singhana's dairy was situated in the middle of a lush green farm. It was a big shed with lots of buffaloes. After a brief tour we returned home for breakfast. Anju ji was making butter from cream using a traditional set up of a clay pot and a wooden frame with ropes. Narender was right to proclaim that the hand churned butter procured in clay pots have a much better taste than the machine churned ones. This butter is called tindi ghee. Next she prepared some ghee churma for us with fresh puris. It is a traditional breakfast dish that is high in energy because the farmers need it to work hard in the farms. We ate it with kheer and makhan mishri.

After breakfast we headed on to take a brief tour of the village and met some eldery villagers to listen to their stories. As per the tradition, they gathered around the hookah to share their tales and memories. The longing for the bygone times was evident in their narratives.

As they all left, Anubhav and Narender went to the farm to meet Jaimal Singh who is a farmer while we went back to Narender's home to fetch lunch for all of them. Anju ji packed some bathua paratha, moong dal paratha, kachri ki chutney, to di ghee and buttermilk for lunch.

Back in the farm as Anubhav and Jaimal Singh ji discussed the current and previous farming situation, Narender's younger brother arrived with the lunch box. All of us were hungry so without wasting any time we jumped into the food. The earthy flavours of the paratha and chutney were so gratifying.

In due course of the meal, Jaimal ji told us gave us fascinating insights about the food traditions that he has experienced since his childhood. He also told about the struggles, challenges and the good things about agriculture that is the prime livelihood. So join in and watch the enchanting details. Happy viewing.

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