Heavenly Village Food & Nature Walk to Kanarkha, Padampuri

After an amazing day at the beautiful Jilling Estate, the following morning we left for Kanarkha village to savour a rustic meal with the Dani family. Before departing from Jilling Estate, our gracious hosts fed us some crunchy and irresistible jarga and bhangira leaves pakode with aalu gutke and a luscious bowl of chestnut kheer that was made with fruits procured from their estate.

Kanarkha is a small village approximately 3 km away from the estate and it sits at an altitude of 7000 ft. After a tiresome yet delightful trek through the woods, along with our young and nimble guide Hemu, we reached Daya Ji's home. It is a quaint homestay that sits adjacent to some lovely terrace farms. We met him and mother Deepa Ji who was about to show us the preparation of some basic traditional dishes. But first we paid a visit to their nearby farm where Daya Ji's father Durga Dutt Ji was busy overseeing the irrigation. We learnt about the produce that this farming family grows in their farms.

As the hunger pangs got intense we decided to head back to the kitchen and check out the meal preparation. With all the enthusiasm and expertise, Deepa Devi ji embarked on the cooking spree. In no time, with prompt support from her daughter in law and grandchildren, she whipped up some crunchy malpuas, chachiya and mixed rajma. The laborious woodfire cooking seemed to be an effortless affair which was interspersed with numerous anecdotes.

Finally when Durga Dutt Ji arrived home, we sat down to eat together with him and the kids. It was served in timilai leaves. Apart from the dishes mentioned above, there was kakdi and aalu ram karele ki sabzi. The use of only hand pounded masala and the fresh vegetables and legumes straight out of the farms lent a divine feel to every bite. What a lovely time we had with this gracious family high up in the mountains.

To book their homestay call at 8126229181

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