Along with our host Vinayak we took a trip down the historic lanes of Jaipur to relish some of the incredible dishes from there and to gather the stories behind their lasting legacy. Let's acquaint you with some of these legendary places.

The first stop was Vijay Lal Achar Wala whose pickles have been tantalizing the taste buds for the past 180 years. Here we tried the garlic, sweet lime, mango laccha and ker ka achar. The taste was just phenomenal.

The second stop was Pannalal Kulfiwale where we tried a glass of creamya and luscious shahi rabri. The rose flavour added a refreshing touch to this rich drink.

The third stop was Shri Radhe Govind Puri Bhadar where we tried some home style malpua with mirchi ke tapore and desi ghee puri with aalu dum. The taste of both the combinations was homely and super gratifying.

The fourth stop was Kalkatta Chaat Bhandar where we polished off a flamboyant plate of dahi vada that was topped with generous amount of smooth beaten curd, lip smacking chutneys etc.

The last stop was Baba Ka Dhaba on Jaipur Kota Highway. They are renowned for their malai roti and different curries like dal and sev bhaji. The malai roti was an acquired taste for us because it is topped with salt and chilli powder. But the sev curry was very toothsome.

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