Himachali Kangri KHATTA Meat

In today's episode we are introducing you to two very interesting non veg dishes from Himachal Pradesh's Kangra region, one of which is an absolutely favourite of the locals. These are the khatta meat and dal chicken. This non veg experience at Atithi Hotel was extra special for us because these two meat dishes were prepared by a very passionate septuagenarian chef who is an expert in different Indian cuisines including the Kangri one too.

The khatta meat is a dark chocolate brown coloured mutton curry that is tangy, rich, nutty, smoky and flavourful. The key ingredients in this preparation are black coloured burnt walnut paste and amchoor. The dark colour of this curry comes from the former ingredient. we thoroughly enjoyed this tangy and spicy mutton dish with rice.

The dal chicken on the other hand had a very homely taste because of the chana dal which is a regular lentil. The chicken cooked in dal along with onions, tomatoes and spices resulted in a wholesome and comforting dish. Both the chicken and dal provides the much needed energy to the people in the hills and hence this combination is much preferred.

Watch the video till the end to note these two unique Kangri recipes.

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