Inclusive Food Tour of Raipur

In today's episode we will be taking you to a few amazing socially conscious eateries in Raipur, Chhattisgarh that are winning hearts of the locals and visitors with their great service and inspiring pursuits. In this fascinating quest we are being joined by our foodie host Rohit. Do watch the video till the end because each place has an inspiring and heartwarming story behind it.

The first stop is a quaint and cosy tea house cum cafe named Taprii the Chakafe. A cherished initiative of the young founder Irfan Ahmad, it is a brilliant hangout place run by a spirited team of differently abled people. Their smiles and enthusiasm will clearly touch your heart. With the youthful creative decor, happening menu and amazing service, this place feels like the best spot to unwind or spend some special moments with loved ones. Irfan takes great pride in his team and all their earnest efforts reflects in each and every aspect of this place.

The second stop is an open food court run by Gyandeep Mahila SHG that serves authentic Chhattisgarhi cuisine at affordable prices. This place had been thoughtfully done with all the elements taken from the Chhattisgarhi way of life. We were happy to see it being frequented by young crowds too. The food over here was completely homestyle and basic. Anyone who wants to experience authentic Chhattisgarhi dishes in one place must pay it a visit.

The third stop is Giiggles… Bebak Hasi Cafe. Founded by the young and dynamic Muskan, it is a cherished endeavour to empower transgenders and offers them a respectful livelihood platform. The vibrant and pleasant ambience along with a genial, welcoming and efficient staff makes it a great option to spend time with friends and family.

We truly respect and admire all their spirits to make the world a more inclusive place.

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