In today's episode we have come to one of Goa's famous seafood restaurants, Spice Goa at Verem. It is situated 5 km away from Candolim. Run by Atul Shah aka Dr. Fish and his wife Aparna, Spice Goa is a niche restaurant specializing in authentic Goan style fish delicacies. The title Dr.Fish has been accorded to Atul by the locals because of his extensive knowledge about seafood. He is an extremely gentle and passionate restauranteur.

On reaching there we were welcomed by the sight of festive decorations as it was Christmas Day. Soon we were joined by Atul, Nolan, Akhil and Neha. The starters included prawn rawa fry, peri peri prawns, khoyatle sungta, bangdyache tikhle, kismoor, fish tikka, malai prawn etc. In the main course we had the classic Goan prawn curry and plain rice. This was followed by a traditional Portuguese dessert Serradura.

Everything was just amazing. The fresh taste of the fishes and the robust flavours of the Goan spices left an indelible impression on our memory. Moreover, the culinary experience was heightened by insights and anecdotes about fishes shared by our hosts. If you are a seafood lover then you mustn't miss this place.

We returned in the evening to join the team and other guests for a Christmas dinner. Here we joined Atul's Rohan who manages the Shau Cho bar in the restaurant. He served us some signature Goan cocktails and shared some really fascinating stories attached to the place and the drinks. All the four cocktails that we had tried had a touch of locally grown ingredients.

It was a super gratifying and fun culinary experience.

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