India's Biggest VEG THALI with 56 Dishes

Today's episode brings you a gigantic chappan bhog thali experience at Moturam Prasadam and a delightful food tour at Masala Chowk food Court in Jaipur.

We started the tour with a fragrant masala chai from Sahu Chai Wale in Malviya Nagar along with our host Vinayak. This was followed by a yummy aalu patty from Sony Bakery located nearby. This patty was a piece of nostalgia for Vinayak as is having it since his childhood.

Next we visited Moturam Prasadam, which is a unique restaurant whose menu is influenced by temple food from across India. Here we tried a humongous spread consisting of 56 items including starters, curries, breads, condiments, desserts and drinks. This huge spread is inspired by Chappan Bhog, the holy offering served to Lord Krishna. Most of the items were traditional Rajasthani fares. The sight of this humongous thali left us spellbound and we decided to try just some of its components. At the owner's recommendation, we tried bajre ki khichdi, dal bati churma, dana meethi, chaki ki sabzi, puri, ker sangri etc. Soon our friend Gopal Ji and his family joined us for this soulful meal. Owner Abhishek's insights about the traditional foodscape added an enriching touch to the whole experience.

From there we headed to Masala Chowk where we were joined by our host Unnati. It is an open food court which houses the outlets of some of the iconic eateries from the city. The place is a perfect hangout space for families and friends. It's spacious and well designed.

Here we tried a wonderful moongdal childa from Rama Krishna Kalkatta Chaat. This was followed by a samosa from Shankar Samosa and tandoori chai from Gulab Chai Wale. But the highlight of this visit was the amazing bejad roti thali from Mahavir Rabri Bhandar. Finally we ended the food tour with a sensational kulhad rajbhoh rabri from Indian Ice Cream Faluda. This dessert was a truly amazing.

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