India's famous Butter Chicken at Gulati, Pandara Road, Delhi

When we think about that one quintessential non veg dish of Delhi then what comes to mind is butter chicken. And why not. This rich and creamy, slightly sweet and tangy, tandoor grilled chicken curry is a pure indulgence both in terms of flavours and texture.

And to satisfy our craving for this legendary dish, we have arrived at a legendary restaurant named Gulatis in Pandara Road.

Started in 1959, this family restaurant is hugely popular for their butter chicken and other Mughlai dishes. Their customers include a long list of celebrities and even family generations.

This eating experience was quite unique and heartening for us because we had to relish the stunner with the genial Sood family whose three generations have been visiting the restaurant.

Come let's take you on this mouthwatering and super gratifying journey of butter chicken.

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