INSANE मक्खनवाला Chur Chur Naan + मसालेदार Chole Kulche + चटकदार Keema Meat I DWARKA (DL), Sector 12

Today's episode will take you on a brief yet delightful gastronomic ride across Sector 12 neighbourhood in Dwarka, New Delhi. Once again Anubhav had embarked on an exciting food walk across this place and was in search of some popular street food vendors over here.

So after considering the recommendations from the locals he had decided to try four places out here. The first one was Om Kulcha Bhandar. This neatly done food stall right on the side of the busy main road serves chole kulche with a pleasant twist. Unlike the ubiquitous Delhi style chole kulche, Om's chole is griddle fried with more spices and his kulche is flavoured with fenugreek and carom seeds. This makes the dish more spicier and flavourful than their usual counterpart. We thoroughly enjoyed the interplay of flavours coming from both the kulche and chole.

After trying them we moved to another famous spot that was brimming with customers. It was Raju Chur Chur Naan Wale shop. Because of the proximity of some educational institutions and offices, the place attracts a mixed crowd from different age groups. The long line outside the counter was a proof of their popularity. We had ordered the special Chur Chur Naan Thali that was a compilation of all rich and robust dishes like butter smeared Chur Chur naan, dal makhni, paneer ki sabzi and raita. The food smelt and tasted amazing, especially the flaky and crumbly Chur Chur Naan.

Next we headed to Chawla Chicken Stall to taste some of their hot selling non veg delicacies. They are highly popular over here for their non veg menu. Our order included Keema meat and butter chicken. The former is a Punjabi special dish while the later is the pride of Delhi. The keema meat was succulent and flavoursome while the butter chicken was smooth and robust.

After such delectable non veg fares, we arrived at Vasudev Ji's mobile sweet stall where he serves a variety of traditional sweets like chandrakala, meethi samosa etc. Since Holi was in the offing, we decided to try out his gujiya. In spite of all the sugar found inside and outside, the gujiya had the optimum sweetness which was enhanced by the crunchy and nutty peanuts. Due to the syrup it wasn't crunchy but overall it was delicious.

Hope you all enjoy this fun food walk.

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