JAFFRABAD Street Food Tour - BHEEM ka Doodh + NAWAB ke Kebab + (Butter & Chicken)

It is the holy month of Ramzan and just like any Muslim neighborhood, the narrow and busy lanes of the Jafrabad Market in northeast Delhi gets filled up with street vendors selling Iftari food item and with the ecstatic common public thronging the streets to break their Roza. The area and its neighborhood markets get transformed into all night bazaar that is full of foodstuffs and other things as well.

We are at Jaffrabad to explore the food scene here during this festive time. We started this food tour with an Iftar with our friends at a local shop. The spread comprised of fruit chaat, varieties of pakodas, and rose flavoured drink. After this light initial spread came the main dishes that had Nahari and Khameeri roti.

From there we went on to check out the market for food. Our first stop was the Haji Ikbal Sheermal Wale. We were here for some fresh and hot Nan Khatais or Indian shortbread cookies.

The next stop was Nawab bhai kebab wale, an interesting place that we recommend for the tastiest kebabs in the locality. Their sheek kebabs were scrumptious.

The next stop was the Afaq Zaika Chicken. We tried their special butter chicken tikka that was insanely buttery, robust, and super delicious.

While ambling down the lanes we came to a place frying Khajlas, a Ramzan time snack that is eaten mostly during shehri. Next, we halted at a bread shop that had an eclectic display of traditional bread that eaten that is inevitable during ramzan. We loved the Coconut one the most. After this was the turn of some refreshing mixed fruit shake from a street-side cart. Then we went to try some really tasty veg Pulav and Tehri from a local stall.

Right after it we also gorged on a delicious plate of Haleem biryani from a street-side stall that was super crowded.

From there we reached Islam Milk store, a place that everybody had recommended. This place is famous for its rose milk and we loved it too.

Our penultimate stop was Cool point where we tasted one of the out-of-the-world Shahi Tukda. The double-fried shahi tukda served along with a scoop of their in-house mango ice cream was divine.

After so much gluttony we wrapped up our food tour with a paan. Jaffrabad emerged as a foodie haven with some gems that can't be missed.

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