Jalandhar is an ancient city of Punjab that presents both countryside and contemporary picture. Dotted with beautiful places of worship, museums, mouth watering food and genial faces, it is one of the popular cities of Punjab.

The eating scene over here too is full of classic and contemporary options. Especially the street food here is something that will make you go weak in your knees.

The wonderful variety of street food will leave you spoilt for choices. So in order to explore the same we have joined Naina (https://www.instagram.com/paradise_on...) the amazing young food blogger from the city for an evening tour. Find out what all did we try.

Our first stop was Jawali DI Hatti at Jalandhar Cantt. Established in the year 1852, this place is famous for moong dal pakode and nimbu lemon. The pakode were crisp, fresh and mildly spiced. It is best complemented with a refreshing glass of lemon mint soda.

The second stop was Narayan Dass Ji's shop near Johal Market Model town. This destination is famous samose chole. It is a delicious combination of flat no fuss potato samose, spicy chole and tamarind chutney.

The third stop was a Gole cart outside Bread Basket in Model Town. Here we tried a very unique sweet treat called the aam papad paan. This mango leather, ice shaving, churan and chutney based sweet treat took us by complete surprise.

Thereafter we headed to our fourth stop Balaji at Chache Wali Gali to try a slightly different version of aampapad paan and chusta. Their aam papad paan had a fun surprise in the form of a nutcracker. It was more zesty than the previous one and there wasn't any ice in it.

Our fifth stop was K. S. Momos in Main Model Town locality. Our pick from their inviting menu was crispy chicken momo. Outside it was super crisp and inside it was soft and succulent. The seasoning too was very balanced. Overall we loved it.

From there we headed to Manni Golgappe and Chaat wale parked right in front of it. At Naina's recommendation we tried their chocolate golgappe. These gorgeous looking crisp balls stuffed with chocolate wafers, dedicated coconut, cream were truly delectable.

Next we headed to Sainik Chicken Corner to try their hot selling Keema Naan. It was a soft naan filled with a generous amount of keema. Here they serve it with a flavourful mutton gravy.

Surely we were almost full but there was one last stop to explore and that's the Gianni Kharore Wala at Bajwa colony. Here we relished one of the most amazing mutton chaap along with trotter soup.

Finally we ended this evening food tour with gundi paan from Chaurasiya Paan Parlour with the intention to digest the surfeit of food that we had consumed.

About the host - Anubhav Sapra


Anubhav Sapra is an avid culinary explorer who loves to travel and explore different cuisine primarily the street food, not just for the sake of gustatory pleasure but also for quenching his deep thirst for nurturing new cultural connections through the kaleidoscopic canvas of food. He believes that the vibrant and delectable street food tradition across the globe has the power to bring communities together and foster harmonious human existence.

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