Jamshedpur FREE FOOD Tour I Madhuri Dixit Biggest Fan Chaat Shop I Famous Food from Diff INDIAN Cities

Today we are out to explore the street food scene in the city of Jamshedpur also referred to as The Steel City Of India, with our host Chirag Parmar who is a PR professional and a young food enthusiast.

Our first stop was Gopal Dosa where we relished a toothsome cheese, onion butter dosa. The best part of this dish was the aloo masala.

The second stop of this tour was Tinkoniya Hotel. It is an old sweet shop that is named so because of its triangular structure. Here we tried their hot selling samosa, kalakand, and tea.

The third stop was Bhatia sweets. We had come to try their jalebi but it was too sweet for our palate. The shop is a local favorite because of the huge range of namkeens.

The fourth stop was Manohar chaat. The owner is a huge fan of Bollywood actress Madhuri Dixit hence the place is adorned with her photos. The papdi chaat was indeed as vivacious as the vibe of the place.

The fifth destination was Lakhi Egg. Their classic egg roll was quite decent. But what attracted our attention was the huge eclectic menu.

The sixth stop was Goli Soda Shop where we tried orange soda. This fizzy flavored drink gives instant refreshment hence we all love it.

The seventh stop was Gauri Shankar Cabin whose samosas are hugely popular. They are small sized, nicely flavoured with panch phoran and ghee. Here we also tried the Dood Puli sweet.

The eight stop was Bhola Maharaj Sweet shop which is a huge and old establishment. Here we tried their motichoor ke LADOO and it was quite luscious.

The ninth stop was Nabajiban Kulfi. Their kulfi is special because they freeze it in the traditional manner that is manually. The badam pista and kesar kulfi was creamy and gratifying.

The ninth stop was Shiv Sambhu GolGappa. This is our host's favorite place as he loves golgappa. We found it to be really irresistible.

The last stop of this gluttonous tour was Sahu Jee Hotel whose mutton chawal combo is super famous. The mutton curry here was rich, spicy yet home-styled.

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