KAUSANI Food Experience Part 1

In the last episode we were on our way to Kausani, a picturesque hill station situated in the Bageshwar district of Uttarakhand. Due to the spellbinding beauty of this place and the salubrious climate, Mahatma Gandhi called it 'Switzerland Of India's.

Here we joined our host Kartik and his genial family at their quaint house perched amidst a lush farm. Kartik is the founder of the online food retail business named Pahadwala (http://www.pahadwala.com) that deals with quintessential spices and few other products from this part of the state.

After a brief conversation, we set out to visit Anasakti Ashram, a place where Mahatma Gandhi had stayed for two weeks in the year 1929. It had been converted into a study and research center.

From there we went to a museum dedicated to the popular poet and a legendary figure of modern Hindi literature, Sumitranandan Pant as Kausani is his birthplace. The Sumitranandan Pant Gallery has a fine display of the holographs of his poems and text copies of his entire literary works.

Kartik then took us to Prakash Chaat Corner in the main market, a humble eatery that he has been visiting since his childhood. He wanted us to taste the chicken soup from there that has a loyal fan base. The thick and spicy broth filled with a generous amount of shredded chicken was quite irresistible.

After this yummy soup we headed back to Kartik's home as we were to join the family for a general kumaoni dinner. We took a tea break at KVMN Tourist Rest House.

Back home Kartik's family and some of their acquaintances have joined in the get together. The food preparation had already begun right at the lawns. The enticing aroma of the gaderi ki sabzi simmering away and the unbridled laughter resulted in a joyful atmosphere. While mixing the gaderi ki sabzi, Karthik's father shared his fondness for the same. His mother smilingly conjured up a few other dishes. Everything was prepared over a wood fire and the smell emanating from them was delicious.

Finally when the finger millet rotis were ready we all sat down to eat the meal that consisted of gaderi ki sabzi, rajma, pahadi mixed veg, kumaoni raita, jhanghore ki kheer and salad. We had a lovely time sharing the food and stories with the family.

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