Taking our gastronomic expedition forward in Kota, in today's episode we are out to explore some of the city's popular non-veg places. We are looking forward to eateries that have an undiminishing legacy and are affordable too. Helping us with our quest is Parindon Ka Safar group's founder Saransh who is a vegetarian but is well aware of the iconic places in area. We truly appreciate his spirit to acquaint us with his city the way it is.

We started this tour with a refreshing cup of hot coffee from Sir Coffee Corner in Rampura Bartan Bazaar because we were attracted to its quaint appearance. From there we went to Gouri Hotel in Ghantaghar which is a sought after place for kebabs and curries. We tried their butter chicken, tangdi kabab and mutton ishtu. Each of them was distinctively flavourful but the keema stuffed chicken tangdi kabab was our favourite.

With the beginning done right we reached Baghdadi Non Veg Restaurant for their famous Changezi Chicken. Loaded with spices, nuts, dried coconut and even foxnuts, this glistening slow cooked chicken curry had a distinct tangy taste and rich feel. It's very different from its Delhi counterpart.

Next stop was Aslii Zaika, a spacious and cosy restaurant that is known for its affordable yet scrumptious menu. It has a relaxing decor which makes it a perfect place to unwind with friends and families. Our order from their sensational menu included murg zaikedar, murg keema, gulati and zaike ka mohabbat. The last two are sweet dishes. Murg keema was quite different because of the addition of tandoori chicken in it.

The last stop of this tour was the legendary Firdous restaurant that has been winning the hearts of meat lovers since 1979. At the young and passionate owner's recommendation we tried their signature dish, Firdous mutton bhuna in ghee. The richness of the spices mingled with the sweet aroma of the ghee and the long span of cooking resulted in a gratifying taste. No wonder this eatery is the most recommended non veg place in Kota. Do watch the video till the end for all the drooling details

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