Kota Snacks Tour

This episode is all about a quick snacks tour in Kota with our host Saransh. Just like other parts of Rajasthan, Kota too is known for its snacking culture which is dominated by traditional snacks. Let's see what all things did we try.

The first thing had to be the ubiquitous kachori from Bilwada Namkeen Bhandar. This shop is also known for a wide range of namkeen. Here they serve the kachori with kadi or chutney. We went for the first option. The spicy and tangy combination was quite fun to try.

Next we had some new age patties from Krishna Sandwich Patties. With the intent to serve something new and unusual, they have enhanced their charm by adding mayonnaise, herbs, veggies, cheese etc. The basic masala patties comes with a dollop of mayonnaise. Though we liked it, our favourite always remains the classic aalu one that we grew up eating.

The third stop was Prakash Sandwich where we had tandoori sandwich. This grilled sandwich had veggies, tandoori mayo and spice mix in it. The crunchiness was enhanced by the addition of sev. It was well flavoured and filling. Prakash Ji was a genial and humble guy who made this experience more special.

From there we went to Chaupati which is a street food hub. Here we had some awesome pani puri or patashe from the DN 8 stall. The multi flavoured pani puri were phenomenal. Furthermore the experience was made special by the playful antics of the people serving it.

This was followed by a luscious rose faluda from Shere Punjab ice cream stall. This rose faluda was loaded with all the good things that added to its yuminess.

Finally we wrapped up the tour with rasgulla paan from Raghu Paan. People visiting Chaupati seldom miss having this post meal treat from here. It was a delightfully sweet, fragrant and syrupy.

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