MANDI House FOOD Walk l Chole KULCHE + Chole Bhature + CHICKEN THALI + Palak CHAAT + Rabri RASGULLA

In today's episode Anubhav along with Vineet Vishnu, an Ad professional and an avid foodie will take you to some of their favourite eating spots across the locality of Mandi House in Delhi. With popular theatres, auditoriums and art centres, this place is the major cultural hub of the capital. It is where all the plays take place. Along with that there are a few institutes and colleges.

Being an important cultural center visited by an eclectic crowd of students, teachers, performers etc. Mandi house has also evolved as a prime eating destination with numerous street food destinations both big and small.

Anubhav and Vineet both are also frequent visitors to this cultural hotspot. And today's episode is all about their go to spots. Let's follow.

The first stop is BM snacks corner. Located opposite the Himachal Bhawan, this old stall is known for its fried snacks and tea. Anubhav tried the samosa, their most selling fare. With all its parameters in place it was a really good samosa.

The samosas aroused their cravings for a chai so they arrived at a roadside tea place opposite Sri Ram Center of Arts and enjoyed a strong masala tea.

On walking further they couldn't resist the sight of salted peanuts and they picked up some from Taiqueer bhai's cart. These are easily one of those hearty snacks that can brighten up the winters days.

Next they arrived at a neat and tidy food stall on the pavement that was serving chole kulche and chole bhature. The chole were slowly simmering on a low wood fire flame and the aromas were all around were quite inviting. Both the dishes had a homely feel to it and were quite delicious.

From there Anubhav took Vineet to one his favourite cafes in the city that is Triveni Cafe at Triveni Kala Kendra. It is a popular open cafeteria that is renowned for its toothsome menu and beautiful, cosy and relaxed ambience. Here they tried some palak patta chaat, shami kebab, chicken thali and filter coffee. Everything was just top not.

After soaking in the beauty of that place they reached the Bengali Market area which houses many sweets and snacks shops. It is not a Bengali neighbourhood as the name suggests, but is simply a popular market place.

Now it was Vineet's turn to take Anubhav to some of his favourite places in the locality. First destination was Nathu Sweets. They had an eclectic menu of which the Chole Bhatures were the best sellers. Apart from being a really nice Chole Bhature, what impressed Anubhav was the sweet tamarind chutney that added an extra dimension to the dish.

This was followed by some golgappes from an adjacent stall. It was truly delicious, especially the sweet and tangy spiced water that by itself was a treat.

The penultimate destination was Bengali Sweets. Both Vineet and Anubhav were excited to try some sweets from this place. As the same suggests the place is renowned for sweets and desserts mostly native to Bengal. They tried the winter special Nolen Gur rasgullas and baked rabri rasgullas. Both the dishes were rich and luscious.

Finally the food walk culminated with a sweet paan from Sheetal Pan stall. It was a fun day reminiscing many old memories and stories associated with this place.

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