Morena Evening Food Tour

After exploring the breakfast food scene in Morena, in today's episode we are out to explore the evening street food scenario in the city with our gracious host Aman Saxena. Let's take you through the list.

The first stop was Shri Banke Bihari Mishtan Bhandar, the same place where we had tried Bedai and Jalebi in the morning. We were there for the malai puri which is prepared in the afternoon. These are sugar syrup laden deep fried crepes made of milk and little maida. It was optimally sweet and simply brilliant. We also tried the gujiya which had khoya and nuts inside it.

The second stop was Morena Doodh Evam Misthan Bhandar. Aman wanted us to try the tadke wala dahi vada from here. As the name suggests it has a tempering of mustard seeds and whole red chillies and is garnished with chopped coriander, pomegranate arils and dry fruits. They don't put any chutneys over it. The chilled and creamy treat was really tasty.

The third stop was Saurabh Fast Food & Bakery which specializes in different patties or puff pastry. Here we tried the special ultimate patty that is basically a potato patty served like a pizza. The fusion treat is conjured up with all the toppings that go into a loaded veg pizza. It was quite a fun thing to try.

The fourth stop was Shukla Hotel, an old establishment preferred for meals. It was crowded with diners looking for no fancy, homestyle food. At Aman's recommendation we tried lachha paratha with hari mirchi dal and sev sabzi. The last one was a unique and spicy sev and milk based curry. The food here was fresh and toothsome.

The fifth stop was Krishna Lemon Soda. We were here to gulp down some lemon flavoured carbonated drink. This fun fizzy drink that is much enjoyed by the youngsters.

The sixth and final stop of this tour was Santosh Paan Shop. It isn't just any regular paan shop because here you can get some specialized paan that are beneficial for ailments like typhoid, sore throat etc. We tried the meetha pan along with gale ka paan. With the presence of licorice and clove, it is a paan for curing sore throat.

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