Mumbai Ramadan Food Tour

In this episode we are in Mumbai to experience the gastronomic extravaganza during Ramzan at some of the legendary and icon places across the megacity.

The first stop was Grills and Rice. The front part of the restaurant was converted into a huge takeaway space full of irresistible non veg fares ranging from kabab to biryani. Here we joined the owner for an elaborate iftar consisting of dishes like chutney kabab, chicken sattay, crispy thread chicken, baida roti, Arabic bread pudding, kunafa, rabri etc. All of them were truly toothsome.

The next stop was Sarvi Restaurant in Nagpadav which is nearly 100 years old. Here we relished the Irani seekh kebab and mutton seekh kebab. The taste and texture of these kebab were impeccable.

From there we went to Chand Harissa at Mastan Talao to learn more about the dish that is very similar to Hyderabadi Haleem. It was again a fascinating find.

The Next stop was Nagori Hajjan Milk Center in Nagpada. Here we tried their famous malai that gets over in a jiffy as it hits the rack. The freshness lent a luscious taste to the malai.

This was followed by chicken seekh kebab from Sayeed Seekh Kebab Center. It was accompanied with a thick deep fried paratha. The tender and succulent meat well complimented the crispy savoury taste of the paratha.

After that amazing combo we went to Delhi Zaika in Grant Road. As the name suggests it serves the flavours of Delhi in Mumbai. We truly enjoyed their cream chicken and chicken changezi with roomali roti.

Next was the turn to witness some fun action at Pappu Juice Wala at JJ Marg. The way they add the cream the shakes and other stuffs will leave you stunned. Their mango cream dessert made of juicy Alphonso mango chunks and loads of cream is a must try dessert.

This flamboyant dessert was followed by Ramzan special double malpua and firni from Tawakkal Sweets. The fluffy malpua had a homely taste and same was with the firni.

Next dish was Nahari and paya from Alamgir Hotel. The trotter based slow cooked stew was simply gratifying.

The last stop was JJ Jalebi whose mawa jalebi are a sensation especially during Ramzan. These thick black coloured sweet tasted like a well fried gulab jamun. It is best enjoyed with rabri.

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