Muzaffarpur NON VEG Food Tour I EXOTIC TROTTERS (GODI) + Mutton TAAS + Chicken LOLLYPOP + EGG Roll

Continuing with our food explorations in Muzaffarpur, Bihar, which is also the hometown of our foodie in chief Anubhav Sapra, we decided to explore the non-vegetarian food scene out here which had a lot to offer. The city has some good non-veg eateries that are huge crowd pullers. So come along with us as we savour some scrumptious mutton and chicken dishes.

We started with the uniquely delicious mutton dish called Taas from Amar meat shop. It's a mutton dish where marinated mutton pieces are cooked in a generous amount of oil on a customized rectangular tray-like griddle. The meat was tender, succulent, and rich flavours of mustard oil and aromatic spices.

While strolling down to our next meat destination we beheld a cart selling herbal lemon tea and got intrigued by the stuff. So we bought a cup to see how it was. This lightly brewed lemon tea mixed with 14 ingredients-based spice mix was so good. A humble cart serving such an amazingly healthy concoction was a matter of revelation.

Soon we arrived at our next destination which is Tripti Meat House. They are renowned for their meat paratha which is a combination of parathas and a rich and flavourful semi-dry mutton curry. This slightly sweet aromatic mutton curry was lip-smacking. Here we also tried some Hyderabadi biryani which was average in taste and some godi or curry made of mutton trotters. The trotter curry was spicy yet very delicious. One can taste the richness of the bone marrow and the unique texture of the collagen.

On exiting Tripti meat house, we saw a busy well lit cart selling taas meat so we decided to give it a try. It was run by a young lad named Rohit who told us about the chicken taas that he was making. Theirs one was a customized version of the traditional taas. It was more like a juicy and flavorful stir-fried chicken.

Next we had some bhunja from a roadside vendor. It is a no oil mixture made with instantly dry roasted cereals and legumes. The hand-pounded chilli, garlic and ginger chutney added a punch to its heartily rustic taste.

From there we came to another busy stall selling egg rolls. Here we tried a soft, crunchy, succulent, and super yummy egg and chicken roll and some chicken stuffed pastry that looked like gujias.

This was followed by a tasting of chicken chilli and paratha from another popular eatery that was bustling with customers. This paratha and Indo Chinese style chicken semi-dry curry was decent.

Our penultimate stop was Bablu Fast Food. We ordered their best-selling dish, which is a chicken lollipop. Unlike the usual chicken lollipop that is made with chicken wings, their version was made with chicken legs. So the chicken lollipop here was basically is a double-fried chicken leg piece. It wasn't super delicious but was fun to have.

The last stop of this non-veg food tour was Prakash Pan Bhandar where we had a typical paan. This post-meal treat enjoyed by many helps in the digestion of food and also acts as a palette cleanser. Baba, the genial owner of the shop, informed us about the health benefits of consuming betel leaves and he also gave a brief about it's mythological association.

In Muzaffarpur the love for a rich and robust meat delicacy is evident from the flavorsome curries available on the streets. This was quite a gratifying experience. We hope you enjoyed the journey as well.

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