NON-VEG Food Tour in FRAZER TOWN | Bangalore Food Tour | Karnataka Food Tour

Frazer Town in Bangalore has some of the best food joints for all meat lovers. This street usually is one of the most lit and crowded areas during Ramzan. Our trip down to Frazer town was one yummy meaty journey.

We tried the Anda Keema Roti, which is flour dough stuffed with spiced minced meat and eggs. This dish is quite similar to the Mughlai Parantha, which is quite popular in Bengali cuisine, but the stuffing and spices are what make it completely different. Of course, we had to drink Chai after this fried meal. This area is mostly a Muslim-dominated area which is why the food here has a Muslim as well as an Arabic influence. And even the Chai we had here was not the mundane milk tea, it was Sulemani Chai. The Chai has a hint of lemon and cumin in it which makes it super unique.

We landed at Savoury Restaurant for a taste of the Arabic and found ourselves chomping on Shawarma, and later some classic Baklava. Our trip though, would not have been complete without visiting Corner House. This place is recommended by everyone we talked so we just had to go there. And boy it was worth it!!! Vanilla ice cream, chocolate cake, and a chocolate sauce which is made in-house and is to die for! Trust us, this rich little dessert is worth making a trip down from Delhi to Bangalore. You will forget your Hot Chocolate Fudge cravings once you have tasted this.

We ended our food fiesta with whole lotta meat. I mean our entire table was full of some iconic meat dishes that are most popular amongst the Muslim community and are truly delicious!

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1. Charminar Kabab Paradise

Address -

40, Mosque Complex, MM Road, Frazer Town, Bangalore

Price -

Anda Kheema Roti - INR 120

2. Sulemaani Chai

Price - INR 10

3. Fanoos

Address -

135, MM Road, Near Mosque, Frazer Town, Bangalore

Price -

Sheek Kebab Roll - INR 60

4. Savoury Restaurant

Address -

27, Mosque Road, Frazer Town, Bangalore

Price -

Shawarma - INR 90

5. Cafe Arabica

Address -

56, Mosque Road, Frazer Town, Bangalore

Price -

Baklava - INR 40

6. Corner House Ice Cream

Address -

7/5, Clarke Road, Richard's Park, Frazer Town Area, Frazer Town, Bangalore

Price -

Death by Chocolate - INR 150

7. Sharief Bhai

Address -

10, M.M Road, Near More Super Market, Frazer Town, Bangalore

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