Old Ghaziabad Brunch Tour | NANO Samosa + DESI Masala Hot Dog + Local Breakfast Thali | Part - 2

This episode is a continuation of our gastronomic journey across the busy lanes of Old Ghaziabad. One can find some great street food options at the busy marketplaces situated in this part of the city. In the following paragraphs, we will tell you about some of the places that we explored during our recent food tour in the area. This tour includes a couple of breakfast options along with the day-long snacking options.

Our first stop was Saiya Ji Poori Wale at Maliwara Main Road. Here we tried their popular breakfast platter comprising of fresh hot pooris, sweet and sour pumpkin sabzi, spicy potato curry, coriander chutney, and a savoury raita. Overall it was an unpretentious basic meal. We finished it with mohan bhog, a sweet that resembles a milk cake in taste and texture.

From there we moved to a famous Lassi point named Lalman Lassi Wale opposite Purana Bus Adda in order to gulp down a glass of lusciously chilled lassi. Apart from the sweet, smooth, and refreshing taste, we also enjoyed its pleasant earthy overtone that came from the earthenware in which the curd is set and also the one in which it is served.

The next destination was Pandit Hotel at Nehru Nagar. This was like a usual North Indian Dhaba whose menu was quite elaborate. We settled for their Navratri thali that has been introduced for the festive season. It included two buckwheat and water chestnut flour pooris, a thin potato curry, curd, kheer, and potato wafers. Everything was quite satisfying but it was the Shama or millet kheer that stood out in the group.

From there we moved to Turab Nagar. It is basically one of the most popular retail markets in Ghaziabad. Navigating through the crowded lane of Turab Nagar that is lined with numerous cloth shops, we reached a place whose aloo tikki is famous with the shoppers. Since it was Navratri, we got to taste a plain potato tikki that was topped with curd and two regular chutneys. It was very basic yet delightful.

Then we went to Kavi Nagar to check out a place that is quite popular for Veg Hot Dogs. Over a few years, the hot dog has emerged as a go-to snack. The masala hot dog with a zesty filling of well-cooked vegetable mash was filling and irresistible.

Our penultimate stop was a roadside samosa cart with a super exciting name-Porwal Ji Ka Nano Samosa. The word 'nano' refers to the small size of these samosas. These mildly spiced samosas were super fun to have. Do try them if you are looking for some easy thing to pop in.

We ended our tour with a customary pan from Arun Pan Corner at Kavinagar. There are a lot more things left to eat which we will eventually try in our upcoming explorations. Till then keep walking and keep exploring.

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