Old Ghaziabad Night Food Tour I Special Matara Fruit Chaat + Dark Dhaba Chicken Curry I Part 3

As mentioned earlier Ghaziabad in the national capital region is a flourishing street food haven. There are many old and bustling marketplaces over here that have some of the most popular eateries catering to the gastronomic cravings of the food enthusiasts from the area and beyond. There are innumerable food joints both old and new, whose popularity is visible from the swarm of the crowd that one will around them. So in this concluding episode of the ongoing Ghaziabad Food Tour series, we bring you our gastronomic explorations from a major part of the city that you can check out if are visiting the place.

Our first stop was Pahalwan Dhaba at Chotti Bajaria. This 65 plus years old Dhaba serves great North Indian food. We tried their super popular Dhaba Style Chicken curry with roti. It was rich, robust, greasy, spicy yet very delicious.

From there we went on to this place called Lohia Nagar where we tried the highly recommended Pandit Ji ke Matra Chaat. Pandit Ji's iconic fruit and yellow peas chaat has made him a celebrity in the locality and beyond. It is a zesty mixture of fruits and boiled lentils that are flavored with spice mix, chutneys, and lime juice. True to its glory, the taste was refreshingly addictive; a riot inside the mouth. do give it a try if you like the components that build it.

Next, we went to Gandhi Omelette at Navyug market. Here we tried a comforting bread and egg dish named egg roll that was unlike the regular roll with which we are familiar. Made with a frothy, beaten egg mixture, it was soft, fluffy, and buttery in texture. The crowd loved it and so did we.

We then moved to our penultimate stop i.e Mohan's Ice Cream stall at Ghantaghar to enjoy their special mixed fruit ice cream. Served with crushed candied cherries, this humble chilled treat had a very homely taste that stays with you.

Our final stop for the day was Goyal Pan Corner, where we gulped down a refreshingly yummy inhouse guava juice followed by a pan.

Ghaziabad has lots of street food gems that we will eventually explore in our upcoming pursuits. till then keep walking and keep exploring.

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