PUNJABI Food Stories in Delhi NCR

In today's episode of 'COMMUNITY & FOOD STORIES' series we have set out to explore the Punjabi cuisine at the home of our gracious host, the Kapoor family from Faridabad, Delhi NCR. The Punjabi community is one of the predominant communities of Delhi's and their food is as vibrant as their persona. They mostly belong to the NWFP and have migrated to Delhi during the Partition.

It was Rahul Kapoor, a food blogger by passion and an analyst by profession who had invited us to his home to acquaint us with his food traditions.

After the warm reception from the family we settled down to listen to some fascinating stories from Rahul's grandmother who had such a cheerful presence.

Next went headed to the kitchen to learn about a slice of their vibrant cuisine. I menu we had ate ke kofte, pani wala paratha, lacha paratha and panjiri. The first dish was indeed unique because the kofte were made from the gluten part of a wholewheat flour dough. The paani wala paratha too was intriguing because here the griddle doubled as a tandoor.

The whole experience was truly an enriching affair as grandmother shared numerous anecdotes and even recipes.

What we tried here were some traditional dishes that can be found in a Punjabi household but haven't made it to the commercial space. Their predominant ingredients includes whole wheat flour, ghee, butter etc.

We truly had a enriching time delving into the culinary and cultural aspect of the Punjabi community as experienced through the personal stories of the Kapoor family.

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