Raipur BREAKFAST Food Tour

In today's episode we are taking you on an exciting breakfast tour in the streets of Raipur, the capital of Chhattisgarh. We have embarked on this gastronomic journey along with our hosts Rohit Agarwal and Yugal, two budding food bloggers from the city. From the enthusiasm received in the beginning of the meeting, we realized that this tour is going to be an exciting one as we would be visiting some old eateries.

Our first stop was the Sahu Samosa Hotel. Contrary to its name, this place is hugely famous for their poha. The mildly spiced flattened rice snack is served with chickpea-yellow pea curry. With the balanced flavors, the combination was quite satisfying. Here we also tried the dahi samosa which was basically a samosa chaat.

After this we went to Sadar Idli Corner which is an institution when it comes to South Indian food in Raipur. On the genial and spirited owner's recommendation we tried idli vada with sambar and chutney. Both the idli and vada had the perfect texture and flavours. Made with an array of warming spices, the sambar was distinctively flavourful and slightly on the sweeter side. We also paid a quick visit to the restaurant kitchen situated at the owner's residence. It was bustling with activity and was full of irresistible aroma.

Next Rohit took us to Sulabh Doodh Bhadar for their much loved peda. Made of dark coloured khoya, the milky goodness was worth a try. Their luscious rabri too is worth all the praise. We also tried chhena toast and chhena sandwich which were a little more sweeter for our palate.

It was then time for some tea and so Yugal who is a tea enthusiast took us to Maitru tea stall for an invigorating cuppa. The masala tea that we tried here was effectively strong yet tasty. It will definitely jolt you up from any sort of lethargy.

Next Rohit took us to another old gem of a place to have some fresh balushahi. Ramji Halwai's balushahi are much loved for their super fresh taste and incredible texture. The exterior is crisp while the core is soft and syrupy. Nothing can be more blissful than getting to taste a hot balushahi. The owner is also known for his philanthropic efforts.

Finally we ended the tour with a sweet paan from Banarasi Paan Mandir. Raipur offers a promising options for breakfast that are pocket friendly too.

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