Rajkot Brunch Food Tour

In today's episode, we are taking you on a brunch tour across the streets of Rajkot in Gujarat along with our star host Anand Sata. The idea was to relish some of the most popular food options that the locals prefer for breakfast and lunch.

We started the journey with the very interesting Bournvita tea from New Naklang Tea Stall. This innovative beverage attracts a lot of customers because of the sheer nostalgia attached with the leading chocolate and malt based health drink Bournvita that is added to the creamy and strong Rajkot style milk tea. Anyone who has grown up drinking the beverage may give it a try.

From there we went to Bajrang Farsan to try on an array of Gujarati snacks, which is an imperative part of their food tradition. Whatever time of the day it be, Gujratis love to munch on these fried snacks. This establishment has over 72 plus varieties of Gujarati snacks and hence is a leading farsan seller in the city. The genial and very warm owner treated us to an array of their irresistible treats that included gathiya, fafda, chavanu, chakri, etc. All of them were fresh and well balanced in flavours. We also got to witness the expertise behind the making of the delicate nylon fafdi and the crooked vanela gathiya.

Next stop was Rambhai Ragda Wala near JJ Kundaliya college. It being lunchtime, this small cart was swarmed by locals eager to have an affordable and filling meal of sandwich ragda, samosa ragda, bhungra ragra and chole double. The speed at which Ram bhai was doling out the orders was incredible. We tried the sandwich ragda which consisted of a spiced potato mixture stuffed bread sandwich and a spicy white pea curry. The taste of this combo was pretty decent.

Next we crossed the road to have bateta bhungra at Bhurabhai Bateta Bhungra wala. This finger chips and dry spicy potato dish combo is another popular street food of Rajkot. The bite size potatoes are pricked with the crisp and hollow finger chips and popped into the mouth. What followed was a riot of taste and texture. This is an easy to eat satisfying snack. The kick in this dish came from a special garli and chilli based chutney.

The final destination of this brunch tour was Gurukrupa Kathiyawadi Jalsa restaurant. Here we ordered a huge spread of some classic Kathiyawadi dishes like bajre ka rotla, sev kanda shimla, ringan no olo, bharela karela, chaas, khichiya papad, vagharela rotla and sing lahsun fry. Unlike the other parts of Gujarat, Kathiyawadi food is spicy yet very delicious. This spread too was good especially the ringan no olo or baigan ka bharta, sev kanda shimla and the breads.

This brunch tour was another immersive opportunity to indulge in the vibrant food scene of this city.

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