RAMZAN Food Tour 2019 Highlights I Must Try dishes in Hyderabad | Bhopal | Zakir Nagar | Jaffrabad

Each year, during Ramazan, billions of Muslims across the globe fast from dawn to sunset for the whole of the lunar month i.e 30 days, as part of the ritual of dedicating oneself to self-reflection and prayer.

Normally it is a sociable time, but this year people are observing it under lockdown and social distancing. The pandemic has cast a long shadow over the festivity as congregational activities have been banned.

During Ramazan, food assumes more importance. So as the day draws to a close, like our Muslim brothers we too look forward to breaking the fast where families and friends come together and dedicate several hours just to eating. Everyone has some of their favorite foods served and hence they feel fulfilled and happy.

In the evening, after the prayers, people gather for iftar where there is lots of food prepared with love and joy. Thanks to our incredible friends and acquaintances, till last year we have gleefully attended countless Iftars which are truly a gourmet affair. Every Muslim neighborhood transforms into food havens brimming with mouthwatering fares.

This year, in the wake of the pandemic, we are missing the festive fervor, mirth, and gastronomic experience. Hence we decided to walk down the memory lane of our last year's Ramzan activities and present you a brief montage of the gratifying culinary experiences. We have collated some of the indelible food memories from Hyderabad, Bhopal, Zakir Nagar, and Jaffrabad. So there is Hyderabadi biryani, Haleem, Irani Chai, Lassi Faluda, Pathat ke Gosht, Marag, Khichda, Biryan, Stick, kebab, home iftari spread, Nahari, Keema goli, kebab, nan khatai, fruit chaat, roohafza sharbat, and many more. Hope you enjoy the highlights and get excited to try them all as soon as the pandemic subsides. Till the next time stay home and stay safe.

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