Ranchi NON-VEGETARIAN Food Tour I Chicken (CHECHRA + Parantha + Shanghai)+ Dehati Meat + Pota Kaleji

Today's episode is about all the non-veg enthusiasts out there as we have embarked on an amusing non-veg food tour in Ranchi with our hosts Shreyoshe and Ankush. They took us to some popular non-veg destinations across the capital city.

We started the food tour from Nepal house, a popular fast food destination in Doranda. The place is abuzz with numerous food carts doling out momo, chow mein, chilli chicken etc. We stopped by the Sagar Fast Food stall to try Chicken Lollipop and Pota Kaleji. The former is a double-fried snack made of shredded chicken while the latter is a piquant stir fry made of chicken gizzards and liver. The flavours were average but the place has a nice vibe.

From there we went to the FCR food stop in Hinoo for Chicken Shanghai. This playful dish is a combination of chicken noodles and chicken fried rice. The place serves a wide range of innovative dishes that attract the youth. The extra amount of spices, sauces and seasonings made it quite delicious.

Next we went to Kathi Kabab for Chicken Chechda and Kathi Roll. When Shreyoshe told us about the former dish we were super excited to see what it was. The chicken kathi roll was truly delicious because of the smokey and flavourful chicken kathi kabab. While the chechda turned out to be a crispy, spicy and garlicky starter that tickles the taste buds.

After these innovative dishes, it was time to taste a homestyle mutton curry and rice at India Hotel. This old lodge cum eatery serves traditional Bengali cuisine. The mutton was super delicious and it effortlessly complemented the plain rice. We liked it so much that we can have it daily.

Shreyoshe then took us to a chicken paratha stall at Firayalal Chowk. It is a dish that has become a recent favourite. Contrary to our assumption, it turned out to be a mere paratha and chicken curry combo. But both of them were individually outstanding in taste.

After all the rich and heavy stuff we decided to have something that is sweet and chilled. So Shreyoshe took us to Bombay Chowpaty Ice Cream Faluda stall in the same vicinity. Here we tried a chilled glass of kanu badam shake. It was optimally sweet and creamy. Finally, we ended the tour with paan.

The following evening we joined Ankush for exploring a few more places that we couldn't fit in the previous evening. The first place was BBQ Ride. It is an interesting setup where the barbecue station is placed right behind a bike. Here we tried some chicken strips. The grilled meat was spicy and distinctively flavourful because of some special spice mix from Chennai.

This was followed by some Bhunja from a nearby card because we love these wholesome healthy snacks. Finally, we ended this short tour that evening at the very popular Madan Dhaba which has a 50 plus years old legacy. The mutton curry here was aromatic, rich and perfectly balanced and it tasted great with both tandoori roti and rice. This place has our heart.

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