Sakchi Food Walk I Kewat Litti + Panjtara Momo + Balbir Fried Chicken (BFC) + Chinese Blue Diamond

In today's episode we, with our host Chirag, are taking you on a tempting street food tour across Sakchi. It is an evening food tour comprising some of the most happening food stops from the city whose offerings are a favorite with locals from all age groups.

The first stop was Panj Tara Momo Stall in Agrico. On reaching there we were welcomed by the sight of the flaming orange tandoori momo slowly grilling over a slow charcoal fire. With the addition of mayonnaise, cream, spices, and seasonings, these were then transformed into a toothsome Afghani Chicken momo. They were smoky and satisfying.

The second stop was Lalji Chai Stall where we had the most amazing masala chai served in clay cups locally known as chukka. The cardamom laced well-brewed milk tea was truly divine. In fact, the tea available all over Jharkhand is easily the best among the equals.

The third stop was Surendra Kewat Litti Corner whose super soft and flavourful litti are a craze with the locals. They have a very interesting token system in place. We loved the ghee-drenched litti that were moderately spicy and comforting.

The fourth destination was Balbir Fried Chicken which is so popular that the frying and grilling action over here never seems to stop. Here we tried the chicken pakora and grilled chicken. The former was double-fried chicken fritters while the latter one was a crisp, tender, and smoky charcoal-grilled treat.

The fifth stop was the iconic Blue Diamond restaurant which is a renowned family restaurant that serves North Indian and Indo-Chinese dishes. Due to its affordable rates and commendable proportions, it is a huge hit with the young foodie crowd.

The last stop of this tour was Sita Ram Pan shop.

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