SHARDA UNIVERSITY Food Walk I What Students Eat ? Maggi + Aloo Parantha + RAGINI NAAN + Masala Chai

In today's episode, we are touring in and around Sharda University Campus in Greater Noida with our dynamic student host Zoya Khan. We are here to discover the favourite food haunts of University students. The list is as follows:

The first place is the Asgar Maggi stall outside Gate No. 4. As you can figure out where you get different kinds of Maggi preparations. We tried the veg masala Maggi which was loaded with assorted veggies. The butter and chaat masala made a great difference to this instant noodle.

The second place was Rishi Pal Paratha Stall near the previous stall. They serve aalu paratha with chole and a few other curries. We tried the Paratha Chole which was a light and delicious combination of softest aalu paratha and spiced boiled yellow pea mixture.

The third place was Special Momo Point. In recent times this humble dish has become a staple snack of the youngsters. No wonder every educational institution has a stall outside it. Here you get only three kinds of momo -paneer, veg, and chicken. We tried the chicken one which was served with a topping of mayonnaise and dried mixed herbs. They were quite good, basically fun to have.

The fourth stop was Lego House inside the campus. It is a spacious and youthful restaurant that offers a wide range of options. Students come hereafter lectures to unwind and fill their tummy. The food here is nice and affordable. We tried the chicken and cheese stuffed Ragini Naan which was soft and very well flavored.

The fifth stop was Cafe 47 which serves momo and some other Nepalese fares. On the young owner's recommendation, we tried their recently introduced Afghani chicken momo. It was fried momo dressed in cashew paste and cream. We liked its crunch and the creaminess.

The sixth stop was Tea and Friends near the boys hostel. The tea here is a favorite with the students and faculty as well. We tried the masala tea which was nicely brewed and fragrant with the homemade spice mix used by the owner.

The seventh and penultimate place was Uncle's Cafe which was like a food shop with an eating space outside. Zoya suggested we try the corn sandwich over her because it was a light, filling, and tasty breakfast or snacking option for students rushing to lectures. We found it to be a decent grilled sandwich.

The eighth and last stop of this food walk was Kanhaiya Grocery store which is a provisional store cum eatery. The most popular item over here is samosa chole which is a very convenient and pocket-friendly snack that caters to sudden cravings. We really liked this combination.

This food tour was quite special as it ushered in lots of memories. We hope you like the presentation.

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