Shimla Food Walk - Part 1/3 I AMAZING Mandyali Dham (Himachali Thali) + SOFTEST Parati Kulcha

From Kasauli, we drove to Shimla in search of local and popular delicacies. This hill station fascinates every visitor with its terrific outdoors and unique appeal from the British Raj. The Himachal capital is always buzzing with tourists as here, one finds, panoramic views of the snow-clad Himalayas, tiny paths along with the pine forests, Elizabethan-style architecture, and delectable food culture, all of which makes it resemble a fairy tale settings.

The only and the best way to explore the central part of the town is by walking through the winding paths and stairs leading uphill and downhill. In this delightful gastronomic journey across this pretty town, we were joined by our awesome host Savitoj who walked us through the food scene enthralling us with historical references and tales.

Our first stop was the Indian Coffee House whose ambiance takes people back in time and gives them a taste of the timeless beverages and food. Here we tried the coffee, bread toast, and Sambar Vada. Food and coffee both were decent but the ambiance made it special.

Next, we tried an amazingly hot Gulab Jamun from the iconic snack shop Baljees that is a local favourite for quick snacks. After this, we went to Sharma Chat to taste the unique Parati Kulcha. This spicy and savoury dish was super delectable. It's a must-try delicacy in Shimla.

From there we went to Vijay Sweets to have tea along with some of their very famous tea-time snacks. The assortment of sweet and savoury snacks was quite interesting, especially the Toshe.

Then we tried the Spoonie from the renowned Trishool Bakery that was full of fresh bakery stuff and eager customers. At last, we went on to try the traditional celebratory food from Himachal Pradesh known as the Dham. It's a hearty and nutritious platter consisting of the choicest delicacies from across the state that is made with local ingredients. We tried it at a restaurant named Himachali Rasoi. This Dham was especially from the Mandi district. It was indeed a scrumptious spread, especially the Rajma Ka Madra.

This culinary sojourn with our genial host Savitoj was truly heartwarming. See you soon at some new destination.

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