In today's episode Anubhav and our host Paras Nasaa, a food enthusiast from Sonipat are out on an exciting street food tour across the busy neighbourhood of the city. We started this tour from Sonipat Sabzi Mandi, the wholesale vegetable market. Here we visited the famous Panditji ke mashoor chole bhature shop. Situated right within the vegetable market, it is a favourite with the vendors from the markets and outsiders alike. Their bedmi puri and chole, aloo ki sabzi and kadhi combo was absolutely delicious. They were mild yet flavourful.

From there moved on to the adjoining cart that was serving piping hot aloo parathas to the workers and vendors. Here we met the very endearing Hussaini ji who was smilingly frying the parathas for the customers. With a warm demeanor, he opened up about his professional struggle. In spite of the ups and downs, he is managing his small business with great spirit. The woodfire parathas were quite decent and filling.

The next destination was Ombir Chaat at Halwai Atta. This small shop is known for aalu tikki and golgappe. We first tried the big sized tikki that was equivalent to 3-4 usual sized tikki. The special thing about their tikki is that they use organically grown potatoes from their own farm. The difference in taste was very evident. It had a lot more flavours.

Then Paras took us to Batra lemon for some fizzy drink both to refresh ourselves and to speed up digestion. We tried the lemon soda and pista badam milk. The first one was a lemon flavoured carbonated drink and the second one was a pistachio flavoured fizzy milk. Both of them were luscious and refreshing.

After this refreshment we went to have some hot dogs, a current popular street food of this city. And the destination was Shankar ke mashoor hot dog. Shankar ji was an endearing personality whose smile and effervescent nature won over us. He too shared his professional journey with a broad smile on his face. Prepared with abundant enthusiasm, his hotdog was quite amazing.

After that we reached Pyarelal Pedewala to relish their big sized pedas, which is their specialty. These were just the normal peda in a bigger size. They have been this way since the inception of the shop because back then people could easily consume such carb rich things without any qualms. It was grainy, soft, dense and quite sweet.

The following destination was a fruit cream stall run by Mangat ji. His hand churned multi flavoured were simply phenomenal. The pure taste of the milk and best ingredients came through in every bite.

We ended the tour with paan from Arun Paan Shop. It was one of the most gratifying food experience.

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