SPECIAL Uttarakhandi Makar Sankranti Food Spread in Dehradun

Makar Sankranti is an auspicious occasion for the Hindus that is celebrated all over India in different forms and traditions. In Uttarakhand too it is one of the major festivals that is celebrated with varied rituals and food. In today's episode we will be introducing you to some of the festive delicacies prepared during this time across Uttarakhand. We had tried them at a lovely restaurant named Moksh Venture in Dehradun along with our friend Navendu. This modern cafe cum restaurant serves a wide range of traditional dishes from Uttarakhand.

On reaching there we were welcomed by a cheerful ambience and the smiling faces of the staff. Since it was the occasion of Makar Sankranti, the whole team over here was busy preparing a traditional festive spread. We joined them in their spacious kitchen. In no time the young team of cooks conjured up a soulful spread consisting of khichdi, bhatt ke dubke, malai Khatai, ghughuti, kale bhatt ke pakode, mandue ki roti, jhangore ki kheer, til ke ladoo and a few more things.

The whole festive spirit was brightened up by the folk songs and fascinating anecdotes presented by Navendu's mom Shashi Ji who was dressed up in a resplendent traditional attire. Sharing the meal together with Moksh, the owner of the place and everyone else was such a joyful experience. The food was rustic, wholesome, light on the palate and super delicious. This beautiful encounter ended with impromptu dance performance to the tunes of some popular pahadi songs.

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